SHCC Meeting Minutes – September 1994

SHCC Meeting Minutes – September 1994


September 7, 1994

Present: Roger Miller, Jerry Romero, Sharon Ashcraft, Alice Edvalson, Rawlins Young, Allen C. Johnson, Jess A. Agraz, Charles W. Wilson, Martel Steckler, Lynn Chatwin, Brian Bellamy, Krystal Pease, Wendy Merrill, Wayne Halverson, Ieff Chapman, Dorothy Tuddenham, Gary R. Thorup, Wesley A. Groesbeck, Tree Brown Hayes, Samuel Piazza, Walker Kennedy, Lynn Woodbury, Joe Clark, Judi Short, Ronald Snarr, Scott L. Kisling, Sheila O’Driscoll, Rachael Sheffield, Dolores Donohoo, Terri Reinders, Brian Bintz, Del Brewster, James Lund, Ralph Shim, Milan Binyan, Jean Binyan, Jan Haug, Donna H. Rigby, Diana Hart, Jim Powell, Rachel Sheffield .Excused – Ruth Robbins. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M  by Chairman Roger Miller. Minutes of August 3 were approved with a correction by Dorothy Tuddenham to the second page under Mobil Watch changing Barry Eagan to Barry Esham. Treasure’s Report: Treasurer Rawlins Young reported a balance at the beginning of the month of $2,376.60. Payments during the month of $338.00 to the Hillcrest Park Fund, $35.90 to Holmes, Roberts, & Owens for by-law copies, and $64.40 to Alice Edvalson for miscellaneous secretarial supplies, leaving a balance of $1,968.55. The Hillcrest Park account has a balance at the end of August of $5,545.00. After current bills are paid, a balance of approximately $2,000.00 will be left for future development and maintenance. The treasurer’s report was approved. Trustee Petitions: Petitions were received and approved for Allen C. Johnson and James J. Lund both of the Country Club neighborhood. A letter has been received from Jim Powell requesting resignation as Second Vice Chairman. Jim will continue as a trustee. Announcements: Announcements were made for zoning re-write meetings, Community Development Block Grant applications, Board of Adjustment on Zoning meeting, Historical Landmark Committee meeting, and Utah Transit Authority public hearings on proposed increase in bus fares. Wes Groesbeck announced that October is Radon Awareness month. He indicated 1 of7 houses in Utah are suspect. There will be a presentation on this subject at the Oct. meeting. Elections for new executive officers for the Sugar House Community Council will be held at the October meeting. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the executive committee, call Gene Davis at 484-9428. Unit Legalization: Gary Thorup, representing a homeowner at 2027 So. 1600 East, requesting legalization for a basement apartment that has been in the home since the home was built. Roger visited the home and felt everything was in order. Motion made and seconded for approval. Executive Committee Report: This will be covered in the various committee reports. Committee Reports:.1) Sustainable Communities • Dorothy Tuddenham again thanked trustee for Night Out Against Crime and reminded ail trustees to begin planning for next year’s activity. Office Joe Clark reported on the Mobil Watch group that has now been organized in our area. Sam Piazza, a participant in the program reported a good group beginning to work in our area. The next training session will begin on Sep. 13th. Officer Clark expressed a need for others who would be interested in getting involved with this program. He also indicated a need for volunteers to help with telephone work in his office. Volunteers need to be 21-65 years of age. Anyone interested, call Officer Clark at 484-0421. Problems with speeding on 21st So. were discussed. Officer Clark indicated that if neighbors would let him know what hours the problem existed, he would have officers to patrol the area. He also indicated that if parents who have children that know of groups that are involved in graffiti and would be willing to give him the needed information, it would help in eliminating this problem in our area. 2) Parks & Recreation· The Urban Tree House committee reported the plans as previously presented are now completed and ask for the approval of the council to proceed. Motion was made and approved to accept the plans. Jeff Chapman will write a letter indicating the council’s approval. Jean Binyon is being interviewed to become a member of the Sugar House Park Authority. Jean is a resident of this area and is in support of maintaining the green space that exists there. 3) Traffic· No report 4) Zoning, Land Use, Housing. Sharon Ashcraft reported that the zoning change in the US West property area has been approved. Roger Miller indicated a need to requesting a report to the Community Council from the RDA regarding the Irving School property and other properties in the Sugar House area in which the RDA has had an impact on the decisions that have been made. 5) SLACC • No report                   Debate Issues: Eastland Regency property – Walker Kennedy, legal council for Woodbury Corp., and Jess Agraz, a traffic engineer, as well as Lynn Woodbury made the presentation. Lynn explained some .of the history of this project and explained the changes that have been made since the4ast presentation. These changes include:: 1) The office building portion has been moved to the west so it sits on top of  the retail portion. The parking that was previously on top of the retail portion is now covered and sits underneath the structure. 2) The retail area has been reduced from 21,600 sq. ft. to 11,600 sq. ft. The 10,000 ft. difference has been added to the office area. This change reduces the daily traffic 27.14% .3) Sidewalks and crosswalks have been added for pedestrian. and bicycle access. 4) An access directly from Foothill Blvd. has been provided at the northeast corner of the property. Improvements have been made with this access. It is intended that the service station in that comer will be tom down and replaced with a car wash. 5) Additional landscape planters have been provided in the parking lot and the drive lane between Parley’s Way and the development. Jess Agraz presented the new plan for traffic on the Foothill Drive access. Jan Haug responded as the trustee from that area. She expressed concerns the neighbors still had. These include: 1) the height of the building, 2) only a verbal approval from UDOT for changes in access, 3) verbal plans for changes in the service station. Jess Agraz presented a letter from John Leonard, the Regional Traffic Engineer Showing approval of the basic concept for the traffic plans indicating that final approval will be made when presented with final plans. There was a great deal of heated discussion indicating a continued resistance from the neighborhood. Jerry Romero spoke of the positive aspects of the development, that it is a blighted area and indicated the plan would be an improvement on the current condition of the property. Jeff Chapman also spoke about what might happen by way of development if there continues to be neighborhood opposition to the Woodbury plan. The time allowed for the debate of the issue was extended several times. Several of the neighbors finally indicated they felt the plans were basically a step in the right direction and that just a little more time/was needed to work out some of the remaining problems. These problems are: 1) The flow of traffic through the K-Mart Parking lot, 2) The commitments from K-Mart arid the service station need to be more than verbal, 3) Whether a car was is even allowed in the zoning for that area, 4) the height of the building, 5) all parts of the plan must be done, not just a. part of them. A motion was finally made to table the issue until the October meeting. This was approved. A sub-committee was formed to work with Woodbury.  The committee will be chaired by Jerry Romero and will include: Diana Hart, Scott Kisling, Del Brewster, Allan Johnson, and Jan Haug. Zoning Issue at 20th East and 2920 So. – Rachel Sheffield· representing the property owners adjoining this property presented. the issue. There are approximately 4 acres in this lot, part of it in the city limits and part of it in the county. She presented a petition signed by almost all adjoining property owners indicating the neighbors are not in favor of a planned unit development neighborhood, but want to maintain the single family environment that currently exists there, and asking the SHCC’s support. The county portion of this property is currently zoned R1l and the city portion zoned R2. A potential developer who is in favor of lower density suggested housing suggested it would help to have the support of the SHCC in decisions that are made regarding this property .. A motion was made to support the development of single family homes and in the style thatwpu1dbe consistent with the current environment and opposing the development of larger housing units. The. Motion was approved . A letter .will be written to City Planning indicating our recommendation. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 P.M.