To find out when our next community council meeting will be held, please visit our Calendar Page. We typically meet on the first Wednesday of every month.

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OCT 2021-Agenda & Minutes

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JULY 2021-Agenda & Minutes

JUNE 2021-Agenda & Minutes

MAY 2021-Agenda & Minutes

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MAR 2021-Agenda & Minutes

FEB 2021-Agenda & Minutes

JAN 2021-Agenda & Minutes

Sugar House Meeting Notes November 2021 Approve the minutes for October meeting Motion by Judi Short Second by Lynn Schwartz All approved Congratulations to Councilwoman Amy Fowler on re-election Our CIP application for the beautification of 1300 East has made it to the second round.......

Welcome to the Sugar House Community Council meeting for October 6th 2021.   We submitted a CIP application for the beatifying of 1300 East I-80 interchange.  Thanks to Larry for doing a lot of the work. There is a Hidden Hollow tree planting event on October......

SHCC September Meeting Minutes Welcome to the SHCC September meeting Dayna McKee asking for a food donation from Conner for Westminster athletic events October meeting we will have a discussion with all district 7 city council candidates Will Kocher also discussed the Joe Hill Marker......

Sugar House Community Council Minutes 8/4/21 Welcome to the SHCC meeting.  We will be having a candidate night in October.  Filing deadline is August 10th-17th. Construction Update from Bill Knowles.  Sugarmont Apartments are moving forward.  The East wing is open and renting briskly.  They hope......

July 2021 SHCC Minutes Welcome-Chair Adam Weinacker and Sue Watson have termed out and have decided to not reup their petition.  Our secretary Devon Cantwell is moving to Canada so we are in need of someone to fill the secretary spot.   We have been working......

June 2021 Minutes Welcome Chair We received a letter from the neighbors along Highland Drive about the ongoing LocalLink Study of Highland Drive.  We are going to have that group come to our Transportation committee which is headed up by Levi Thatcher so they can......

Welcome to the Sugar House Community Council meeting.  Can get all Sugar House updates at and clicking on the Stay Informed button.  Continue have restrictions based on zoom bombing.   Are starting to talk about looking into in person meetings. Secretary Report:  Devon Cantwell minutes......

7:00: Welcome-Chair 7:05: Approve Minutes Secretary Report-Devon Cantwell Treasurer Report-Mike Bagley Sugarhouse Strong series PayPal balance: $847.51 7:10: SLC Police Chief Mike Brown, District 7 CIU Detective James Bishop 7:20: Michael G’s Spotlight on Business (SOB) YogaSix 2165 South Highland Drive Kevin and Jamie

Sugar House Community Council 12/2 Meeting 7:00pm: Welcome – Chair 7:05pm: Approve Minutes 7:10pm: Chief Brown, Salt Lake Police Department CIU District 7 Officer Detective James Bishop CIUs  Question: Mobile Cop Cam– Fairmount Park Skatepark– when? Three right now, trying to acquire more through grant......

SHCC November 4th meeting minutes Three new trustees tonight…Maggie, Yvonne and Sherry Motion for minutes 1st Judi Short 2nd Lynn Schwartz All approved We are having our elections tonight.  Benny Keele emailed out ballots to all trustees and will have the results a little later......