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SHCC November 4th meeting minutes Three new trustees tonight…Maggie, Yvonne and Sherry Motion for minutes 1st Judi Short 2nd Lynn Schwartz All approved We are having our elections tonight.  Benny Keele emailed out ballots to all trustees and will have the results a little later......

October 7th Sugar House Community Council meeting Notes The old DI building in Sugar House will not be used as an overflow shelter this winter CIP applications are open and are due by October 30th. Allen Park is now open to the public during the......

September 2nd 2020 Sugar House Community Council Welcome James Pearce and Eric Castrejon to the virtual table Thanking Salt Lake City Engineering Department for postponing the work on 1100 East Motion to approve July and August minutes 1st Will Kocher 2nd Lynn Schwartz All approve,......

Sugar House Community Council August 5th, 2020 There is a hawk light that will be installed across from Sugar Alley on Highland Drive. We will approve the minutes from the past two meetings next month We have two new trustees joining us tonight First we......

Sugar House Community Council meeting notes July 1st Thanking Ben Raskin for helping with goat head removal Motion to approve June minutes 1st Lynn Schwartz 2nd Judi Short Pass Secretary report Erika Wiggins-nothing new to report Treasurer report Mike Bagley-balance of 1343.31 this month We......

Sugar House Community Council Meeting Minutes Approval for the minutes from last month Motion Lynn Schwartz Second Erika Wiggins All approved Reminder about filling out the census.  Have until August 14th We are skipping the Secretary Report and the Treasurer Report for time sake tonight......

The meeting was called to order by Landon Clark at 7:05 p.m. Chair Welcome and Announcements – Landon Clark Reminder for everyone to turn in their census Deadline is August 14th to turn your census in. Congratulated Jeremy Chatterton…he is the new principal at Highland......

Sugar House Community Council Meeting Notes for April 1st Reminder for everyone to turn in their census 42% of Salt Lake City has turned in the census, 41.8% has been done online.  Deadline is August 14th to turn your census in. Secretary report by Erika......

Motion to appove the minutes 1st motion Will Kocher 2nd motion Sally Barraclough Minutes approved   Couple of announcements: Sugar House Art Walk March 13th from 6-9 pm.  There are 14 participating locations.   Sugarhouse Park Authority Board of Trustee Position Open: If you are......

Trustees Present: Mike Bagley, Sally Barraclough, Laurie Bray, Jeremy Chatterton, Landon Clark, Mary Clark, Monique Higginson, Benny Keele, Steve Kirkegaard, Rich Knickerbocker, Susan Koelliker, Will Kocher, Dayna McKee, Larry Migliaccio, Lynn Schwarz, Judi Short, Shane Stroud, Chris Sveiven, Levi Thatcher, Adam Weinacker, Erika Wiggins, Trustees......