To find out when our next community council meeting will be held, please visit our Calendar Page. We typically meet on the first Wednesday of every month.

Feel free to review our recent council meeting agendas and minutes:

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AUG 2022-Agenda, Minutes & Video

SEPT 2022-Agenda, Minutes & Video

OCT 2022 – Agenda, Minutes & Video

NOV 2022 – Agenda, Minutes & Video

DEC 2022 – Agenda, Minutes & Video

7:02 pm Thank you for joining the September edition of the Sugar House Community Council. We have had a couple of cancels to the agenda so the meeting tonight should be pretty quick. Shane Stroud secretary report:We have a new trustee joining us tonight he......

Sugar House Community Council August Meeting Minutes Thank you for coming to the August edition of the SHCC. We are going to continue to be on zoom for the time being.  It seems to be convenient for most folks. Yappy Hour is Tuesday August 9th......

Call the meeting to order at 7:02 pm My name is Will Kocher and I am running the meeting tonight for Landon.  so on.  Minutes approved First Judi Short Second Lynn Schwartz All approved CIU District 7 Detective Sam Fallows There were 420 calls for......

7:03 pm Thanks for coming to the April Sugar House Community Council meeting.Just reminder. Everybody looks like they’re muted all questions will be in the chat. Couple of notes: I met with the library last week and we are looking at possibly June to return......

Welcome to the Sugar House Community Council meeting the March edition. This will be Meggies last meeting. I just wanted to say thank you from me and our entire board. She has done a wonderful job as a trustee and as the chair of the......

Welcome to the monthly edition of the Sugar House Community Council meeting.   Again, we have a pretty busy agenda. So thanks for joining us tonight and welcome to the new attendees tonight.  Just a heads up with the majority of the trustees on here with......

Alright everyone, thanks for coming to the Sugar House Community Council meeting tonight.  Approve the minutes from last meeting. A motion Judi Short, Second Mike Bagley Treasurer report-Mike Bagley. Hi everybody. Thanks for coming to the meeting. So January treasure report or balanced US Bank......

19:03:40 All right everyone, thank you for coming tonight to the Sugar House Community Council meeting. 19:03:46 We have a full agenda so we’re just going to get right to it again because of restrictions we’re going to do all questions in the chat. 19:03:54......

Sugar House Meeting Notes November 2021 Approve the minutes for October meeting Motion by Judi Short Second by Lynn Schwartz All approved Congratulations to Councilwoman Amy Fowler on re-election Our CIP application for the beautification of 1300 East has made it to the second round.......