Sugar House Construction Projects

Sugar House Construction Projects

Updated report

April 27, 2021

Sugarmont Apartments—Boulder Ventures

  • Start date: Fall of 2017.
  • Big D Construction is now in full construction mode with 110 construction workers on site, mostly working on the interior spaces. Work is completed on Phase I and final inspections are now underway prior to issuing a full Right of Occupancy Permit from SLC. Phase I occupancy is now available for perspective residents. Full completion is expected in mid-summer.

McClelland street re-paving has been completed, including the new, raised crosswalk at Sugarmont & McClellan, and has been re-opened. WB Sugarmont, between Highland Drive and McClelland, is expected to re-open the week of 3/29 after utility and street-side improvements have completed on the Sugarmont Apartments. There will continue to be periodic disruptions as large trucks continue to deliver materials and work on the building continues. Flagmen will be on hand to assist traffic on these occasions. The building expects to be open for occupancy by mid-April.

  • completion: First phase now open; complete summer 2021.
  • Location: Project borders Sugarmont and McClelland St.

Sugar Alley – Lowe Development

  • Start date: Fall 2020.
  • Update: Work is now underway on the property that previously contained the Dixon Building on Highland Drive, between Wilmington on the south and the Vue development to the north. A temporary pedestrian walkway has now been installed in the outside, southbound lane of Highland Drive from the north end of the project south to the Wilmington crossing. Highland Drive will be reduced to one lane SB, from just south of 2100 South to Wilmington. The new Wilmington extension, a private roadway, will be reduced to one-way traffic (east bound only) accessed from McClellan St. The two-lane access formerly connecting Highland Drive to McClellan St., also a private roadway, is now reduced to one lane, west bound, and will be permanently closed to vehicle traffic at the end of the project. This will be a five-story building containing 200 luxury apartments with the ground floor dedicated to retail, including restaurants and a bike shop. Plan are completed and going through the final approval process with SLC departments.
  • completion: Late 2021- early 2022.
  • Project description: Mixed use residential.
  • Location: 2200 S. Highland Drive.

Dixon Place – Lowe Development

  • Start date: Fall ’19.
  • Update: The building is now welcoming its first residents.
  • completion: Completed!
  • Project description: Residential-66 units.
  • Location: Elm & McClellan.

Target Neighborhood Store (Former Nordstrom Rack Building)

  • Start date: July 2020
  • Update: Target Neighborhood is now open for business.
  • completion: Completed!
  • Project description: One level commercial/retail space.
  • Location: Simpson Ave.

 Westport Capital Project (former Shopko Site)

  • Start date: Summer 2017.
  • Update: The approximately 100-unit apartment building on the west side of the site is now fully framed and work occurring on the interior of the building. The third and final phase of this large project is set to open early summer 2021.
  • completion (third phase): Early summer 2021.
  • Project description: U of U Medical Clinic/Commercial Office Space/Residential.
  • Location: Former Shopko site.

Heritage Lofts

  • Start Date: February 2020
  • Update: The project is currently on schedule with work now focused on the interior of the building.
  • Completion: Spring 2021
  • Project Description: 32 unit residential, one retail space.
  • Location: 2700 S./900 E.

Canal Repair Project

  • Start Date: February ’21.
  • Update: Work is completed from Wilmington through Ashton Ave. Restoration of curb and gutter and street landscape is currently moving from north to south along Highland Drive.
  • Completion: Late May ’21.
  • Project description: Repair and replacement of the Jordan Irrigation Canal.
  • Location: Highland Drive from Wilmington-I-80 Overpass.

New Projects Coming Soon!!

Hawk Light Project

  • Start Date: Early May of 2021.
  • Completion: Late spring 2021
  • Project Description: This is the last item on the current list of several safety additions to the Sugar House CBD area made over the last two years
  • Location: Approximately 2150 S. /Highland Drive

1100 East Curb/Gutter Repair

  • Start Date: Postponed to spring of 2023.
  • Completion: Summer 2023
  • Project description: SLC Engineering will be replacing worn out and damaged curb/gutter to prevent continuing street and store front storm water flooding.
  • Location: Ramona Ave. to 2100 South, east side of 100 East.

I-80 Freeway re-construction

  • Start Date: Mid-April 2021
  • Completion: Spring 2023
  • Project Description: UDOT will be replacing 50+ year old, worn out, pavement from 1300 East to 2300 East. The project will also include replacing brides at 1300, 1700, and 20000 East.
  • Project location: 1300 East to 2300 East.

900 E./Sugarmont Project

  • Start Date: TBD
  • Completion: TBD
  • Project Description: 4-Story, 45 unit apartment building.
  • Location: 2100 S./900-800 E.

Former Snelgrove Ice Cream property

  • Start Date: March 2021
  • Update: Demolition of the old structures on site is completed and will be followed in early summer by construction.
  • Completion: Early 2023.
  • Project Description: Mixed use residential.
  • Location: 2100 S./800-900

Alta Terra (Former 24 Hour Fitness)

  • Start Date: TBD
  • Completion:
  • Project description: Residential (Approx. 340 units)
  • Location: Ashton Ave./1100 E.

The Twenty-Ones

  • Start Date: TBD
  • Completion:
  • Project Description: Multi-unit residential
  • Location: 2000 E./2100 S.

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