Sugar House Construction Projects

Sugar House Construction Projects

Updated report

May 30, 2019

Sugarmont Apartments—Boulder Ventures

  • Start date: Fall of 2017
  • Update: The project is in the late stages with finishing work now occurring outside and inside the structure. The staging area that Boulder Ventures has used for the past year, under an agreement with the property’s former owners, is now cleared in preparation for construction of the new owners’ project. The throughway that previously existed between Highland and Elm, just south of The View development was temporarily closed but now re-opened.The new connection between Elm and Highland via Elm to Wilmington, is completed. Work is underway on the new signal lights that will now be required for the new four-way intersection at Highland/Wilmington.Contractors have been delayed by impacts from floods in the Midwest that had shut down the plant that makes the poles the signal lights are mounted on. Delivery is now expected soon, and the project will get finished, once again opening pedestrian traffic on the west sidewalk.Periodic lane closures, particularly north bound McClelland, may still occur as large trucks baring materials enter or leave the work site. Flagmen are on hand to assist traffic on these occasions. WB Sugarmont has been re-opened to vehicle traffic, as well as bike and pedestrian traffic.
  • completion: Spring 2019
  • Location: Project borders Sugarmont and McClelland St.

Lowe Development

  • Start date: TBD
  • Update: Preliminary plans have now been submitted by the new owners of the property that previously contained the Dixon Building. The plans show a five-story building containing 200 luxury apartments with the ground floor dedicated to retail, including restaurants and a bike shop. Plans are still under the final design process and pending approval.
  • completion: TBD
  • Project description: Mixed use residential.
  • Location: 2200 S. Highland Drive

Dixon Place (formerly The Fairmont)-Lowe Development

  • Start date: TBD
  • completion: TBD
  • Project description: Residential-66 units
  • Location: Elm & McClellan

Springhill Suites—Woodbury Corp.

  • Start date: March 2018
  • Update: Construction continues with the structure filling up the property and rapidly going vertical. Most of the staging for the project is occurring from the south, at the far eastern end of the shopping center. Dominion Natural Gas was granted permission from the City to cut a trench across the east end of Wilmington, from back of sidewalk, north side, to tie into a main gas line connecting it to the future hotel. It was decided that additional utility connections, including multiple fiber optic lines, will have to be done after the hotel construction is completed so that impacts to traffic lanes can be held to a minimum.
  • completion: Mid 2019
  • Project description: 110 room extended stay hotel
  • Location: 1220 E. Wilmington Ave.

Former Toys R Us/new Nordstrom Rack Building

  • Start date: July 2018
  • Update: Construction updates to the upper level of the building, facing Simpson, is completed. Nordstrom is open for business. Work is continuing on the lower level of the building, facing Wilmington Ave. A tenant for this new commercial space has not yet been announced.
  • completion: April 2019
  • Project description: Two level commercial/retail space
  • Location: 1210 Wilmington Ave./Simpson Ave.

Westport Capital Project (former Shopko Site)

  • Start date: Summer 2017
  • Update: The east side of the project, the University of Utah Medical, is moving rapidly and expected to be completed, ready for occupancy by mid-summer. The five-story commercial office building planned for the south side of the property is also taking shape.
  • completion (first phase): Summer of 2019
  • Project description: U of U Medical Clinic/Commercial Office Space/Residential
  • Location: Former Shopko site

Cowboy Partners Townhouse Project

  • Start date: Spring 2017
  • Update: The project is complete and ready for full occupancy per the projected completion date of early spring 2019.
  • completion: Early 2019
  • Project description: 67 Townhouse residential
  • Location: 650 E./Wilmington Ave.

Brixton Flats (700 East Streetcar Station Project)

  • Start date: Fall 2017
  • Update: The structure is now fully-shaped and construction is active inside the building as well as out.
  • completion: Mid 2019
  • Streetcar Line-Wilmington Ave./700 E.
  • Project description: Mixed use development. 93 residential units above ground floor retail. Office space, a workout room, and general assembly room will front on Wilmington. While demolition and construction proceeds on the site, the Salt Lake Bicycle shop, currently housed on the 700 East frontage of the property, will temporarily move into the former Deseret Industries Building on Sugarmont. They will move back into a brand new facility upon completion as part of the collection of ground floor retailers.
  • Location: Wilmington Ave./ 700 E.

Salt Lake City Costume Properties LLC

  • Start date: August 2018
  • Project update: Work is continuing on the retrofitting of the existing structure into a residential apartment building.
  • completion: Mid-summer 2019
  • Location: 1700 S./1100 E.
  • Project description: Building re-model/expansion into nineteen apartment units.

1300 East Road Re-construction project

  • Start date: May 13, 2019
  • Update: The first phase of the project is set to start just north of 2100 South and extend to 1700 South for approximately three months. During this time 1300 East, between 2100 and 1700 South will be closed to all but local traffic. North and south bound through traffic will be instructed to use 700 East, State Street, and Foothill Blvd.
  • Completion: Summer of 2020
  • Project Description: SLC Engineering will be taking up the old roadway, including the long buried former concrete road, and replacing it with a new concrete surface.
  • Location: 1300 E./1300 S. – 1300 E./2100 S.

Hawk Light installations

  • Start Date: November 2018
  • Project Update: Work will re-start mid-March
  • Completion: Late spring 2019.
  • One of three Hawk Lights to be installed along the 2100 S. corridor to provide additional pedestrian safety.

Wilmington Traffic Signal Project* 

  • Start date: January 2019
  • Update: The project is reaching the final stages as the new pedestals have been installed and soon new poles will be put in place, followed by removal of the old ones. Currently waiting for the delayed delivery of new poles.
  • Completion: May 2019
  • Four new traffic control signals will be installed at the corner of Wilmington and Highland Drive to accommodate the new western extension of Wilmington through the Boulder Ventures/Lowes residential projects.

*The mid-block pedestrian crossing light on Wilmington, between Highland and 1300 E. will be restored by early summer. After discovering that the original solar powered lights would not function in the narrow corridor with little direct sunlight, the City Engineering Dept. will be installing a hard wire power source to the system later this spring.

For questions or reporting issues or concerns contact: Bill Knowles, SLC Community Ombudsman: 801-580-2626;