SHCC Meeting Minutes – June 1993

SHCC Meeting Minutes – June 1993


June 2, 1993

Present: Mark Fetzer, Brandon Alsop, Mary Carlson, Rawlins Young, Jeff & Kathleen Luck, Richard Chong, Dale Chalmers, Mrs. Thomas Judd, Dottie Bintz, Tom Ellison, Roger Haglund, John & Marghie Mannos, David Alsop, Tyler Patrick, Cynthia Proctor, Ray Neilson, Jeff & Barbara Chapman, Wayne Halverson, Shirley Hale, Judi Short, Don Hale, Rich Bennett, Miriam Murphy, Roger Miller, Hope Hilton, Diana Hart, Dorothy & Marv Tuddenham, Jerry Romero, Richard Lauritzen, Pam Grimes, Alice Edvalson, LaMar Carter, Gene Davis, Steve Lester Excused: Gary Thorup City Council Update:Don Hale advised us that the city will acquire the Post Office next door. The Forest Dale Club House will be remodeled. It will only cost $70,000. The Council has had no raise since 1985. A councilman receives $12,600 and the mayor around $60,000. The city council will receive pay raises. On the sales tax 1 tenth of 1% would go to the arts. The arts have practically no private donation. Mary Carlson doesn’t want to place a tax increase on food because low income people would be affected. Don says the Mayor has not increased taxes in 2 years. She has consolidated departments. She has excellent heads of departments. Graffiti will be erased almost immediately. Eagle Scout Recognition: Mark Phaser introduced and commended Brandon Alsop and Tyler Patrick on their achievement to the rank of Eagle. Brandon set up a booth at school to teach about recycling, Tyler repaired spring beds where erosion was taking place. Dave Alsop was their scout master. SaltLake Tennis Club: Roger Haglund talked to the neighbors surrounding the Tennis Club. Nineteen out of 26 were contacted. Only one neighbor objected because their backyard would look out at the bubble during the 6 winter months. He stated that from 100 feet away the bubble blower put out less noise than a household fridge. Tom Ellison said the bubble would enclose the 5 southern courts. He requested our support of this variance. Hope Hilton moved approval of the needed variances. Dorothy Tuddenham seconded the motion. The vote was unanimously in favor or the motion. Irving Commons Report: Steve Lester reported that negotiations were in progress between the owner and a developer on the Irving project. He could reveal no more information. Roger Miller said we as a Community Council are on record to preserve the envelope of this historic building. Roger said it is a symbol of Sugar House. Legislative Update: Mary Carlson reported that she was appointed to the Health Care Jury Option Commission. This commission is to present 2-3 different health care reform plans for the state of Utah to the Governor. Either a bill will be presented to the Legislature next January or choices will be placed on a referendum in November 1994. If you have input please contact Marv. The noise level on I-80 is awful. Mary and Gene Davis asked the Community Council to encourage the state Department of Transportation to put up sound walls. Roger Miller moved that the Sugar House Community Council very strongly approve the construction of sound barriers on I-80 from 5th East to the junction at the Canyon and Foothill. Judi Short Seconded. The vote was unanimous in support. Letters will be drafted and sent to Marv Carlson. Gene Davis. Senator Ockey. Senator Steiner. Senator Wharton and the Department of Transportation. Gene Davis commended Don Hale for getting the money for the Forest Dale Clubhouse. Night Out On Crime: Dorothy Tuddenham received the Neighborhood Task Force Award Certificate for last year’s Night Out Against Crime. This year’s will be held August 3 at 6 p.m. at Fairmont Park North Bowery. Speakers will tell about gangs,. drugs. Graffiti, and crime(from FBI). Pam Grimes will talk about neighborhood watch. Prizes will be given. Trustees are asked to pass flyers out to their neighborhoods. Judi Short made the motion that the Sugar House Community Council do whatever is needed to help and donate UP to $150 if the grant to help this project does not come through. Rich Bennett seconded. The council unanimously approved this motion. Westminster College: John Mannos drafted a letter from the SHCC asking Westminster to rethink the parking terrace location and to inform us of any changes. John moved we accept his letter and send it. Diana Hart seconded. The vote was unanimous. UTA Presentation: Mr. Chonq informed us that they would go before the Planning Commission tomorrow and before the City Council July 13. This is a City Council decision. Last year we voted down a 1/2 ~Rn~ increase in taxes for this purpose. Now they have found a way to have the federal government support 80% while only 20% would come from local funds. The state will provide funds for this project. Three possible routes were presented.       He said it would be very expensive to put a track up the west side of State Street. Main Street appears to be best because it is a more circulatory street and has the most employment. The City Master Plan encourages retail development west of State Street. Fifteen percent of buses into the central district would be eliminated. The light rail will close down at 10 p.m. It probably will not run on Sundays. Minutes Approved: Hope motioned we accept the minutes. Judi seconded. Minutes unanimously approved by vote. Roger Miller mentioned there was another crack house. He gave information. Boys and Girls Club Objection: Jeff Luck reported that the Boys and Girls Club expansion has residents upset because their backyards would be facing a three story building. There would be more noise and some tennis courts would be removed. They say there would be no security on the grounds and alcohol is abused there. Steve Lester said the SHCC would research minutes and form a subcommittee to report back on what is happening. Jeff Chapman will be the chair. Gene Davis and Rawlins Young would be assigned to help. Roger Miller moved we adjourn. Hope seconded.