RMF-30 Residential Multi-Family Text Amendments

RMF-30 Residential Multi-Family Text Amendments

This is the first of a number of rewrites the city is doing to the various residential zones in our city.  The plan is to remove local zoning barriers to housing development such as density limitations and ineffective lot dimensional requirements (Lot width, oversized setbacks, etc.)  They are introducing Design Standards, allowing new building forms such as “Cottage developments” and “Side oriented row houses” without special approval.  Lot width requirements could be reduced, to utilize some lots that are currently unbuildable, allowing more than one building on a lot, or lots without street frontage. And, to preserve historic homes, a unit bonus could be granted for the retention of an existing structure on a lot.

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Proposed RMF Text Amendments_FINAL

This will be on the Sugar House Community Council Land Use and Zoning  Comittee Agenda March 18 at 6 p.m.  The meeting is at the Sugar House Legacy, 1212 E Wilmington Ave, 5th floor Fairmont Room.  Or, you can provide comments on the attached form.  We have to write a letter to Salt Lake City, so your feedback is important to us.  Pease provide your feedback here:


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