Allen Park Update

Allen Park Update


Your pledges, your call to action was heard.  Salt Lake City Council and Mayor Mendenhall are to be commended for advancing negotiations and commitments that began prior to Covid-19 to place Allen Park under contract.  The result is that Allen Park will be spared from development to remain a community open space reserve. With an estimated $200,000 plus cost for needed restoration and securing the site Utah Open Lands anticipates that community fundraising and pledges will still be needed beyond those received to date.  We have all witnessed how open space has served as a ray of hope amid the current crisis. The ability to preserve Allen Park became a reality because of Salt Lake City’s diligence. It became a reality with the use of funds dedicated to parks and open space, and funds through Salt Lake Public Utilities. It became a reality because of you.    You can donate at

Here is great Article by Taylor Stevens with an update


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