THE REVISED TWENTY ONES (2100 SOUTH AND 2100 EAST)Including Blue Plate Property

THE REVISED TWENTY ONES (2100 SOUTH AND 2100 EAST)Including Blue Plate Property

UPDATE:  This will be on the September 8 meeting of the Salt Lake City Planning Commission.  Here is the link to the staff report.

UPDATE #2:  Here are the two letters SHCC has written to the Planning Commission, along with comments received and comment cards.  This will be on the Planning Commission work session July 8.

UPDATE:  The Blue Plate Diner has sold to this developer, and a revised set of plans is shown below.

Please review these new plans and send a comment to us using the form below.  We may revise the letter that we wrote to the Planning Commission based on those comments.  This project will also be on a virtual Open House Agenda, and you have until June 22 to make comments.  Here is the link for the Open House.

New Early Engagement Notification_TwentyOnes_3

New 21st Letter

New Twenty Ones DRC resubmittal_sm (1)



SHCC Letter to PC re TwentyOnes

Comments received regarding the Twenty Ones Project sent to Planning Commission

UPDATE:  The developer has submitted an additional application for this project.  He is applying for a special exception for additional building height.  The Planning Commission can approve, as a special exception, additional height not exceeding ten percent (10%)  of the maximum height pursuant to the standards and procedures of chapter 21A52.  The maximum height in the Community Commercial zone is 30′ with an additional 5 feet for parapet walls that screen mechanical equipment  This is for an additional 3′ on Building 2, totalling 33′ to the roof deck.  total height will not exceed 35′.  Here is the request and new drawings.

Notice of application TwentyOnes

Special Exception Plans

ORIGINAL REQUEST: We have received a Design Review application for a project at 2029 South 2100 East.  The project consists of two buildings running  east to west along 2100 South.  The north building  is a 3-story residential building that includes studios, and 1 & 2 bedroom units total 77 units.  The south building is a 2-story mixed-use commercial and residential building with 22 residential units including studios, and 1 & 2 bedroom units.  There are 99 residential units in total.  The ground floor has 16,000 SF of retail space.

This project is scheduled to go through Design Review due to building size limits in the CB:Community Business zoning district.  Buildings in excess of 7500 gross square feet of floor area for a first-floor footprint, or in excess of 15,000 gross square feet overall, are allowed only through the design review process. In 2017, the 2100 South and 2100 East Neighborhood Plan was approved:  .  This proposal meets all the requirements of that plan.

Please read through the documents attached, and the link provided.  The petitioner will present this proposal at the February 10 meeting of the Sugar House Community Council Land Use and Zoning Committee (at The Legacy Sugar House, 1212 E Wilmington Avenue, Fifth Floor Fairmont Room), and answer questions.  The Standards for Design Review are included below.  Please review the project against those standards.

Recognized Organization Input Notification_Twenty Ones


21s Site Context[6]

Twenty Ones – Design Review Submittal-2-sm



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