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**UPDATE** This project has been withdrawn by the developer. The SLC Planning Commission gave a negative recommendation to the SLC City Council based upon staff recommendation. Staff noted that this area is tagged in the Wasatch Front Regional Council's 30 year plan for a rail transit project....

At this time the property owner has not formally filed any development project with the city. Therefore we have limited information. Below are drawings given to us by the property owner of their project. They have attended a Land Use & Zoning Committee on February...

Happy New Year!

[caption id="attachment_1196" align="alignleft" width="107"]Amy Barry Amy Barry[/caption] A petition has been filed to amend the master plan and rezone 8 parcels located about 1960 S 900 E. As I walked my neighborhood to deliver 200 flyers to alert neighbors about the meeting I had some good discussions.

One gentleman really struck me when he said he's lived there 30 years and seen a lot of changes and just doesn't think participating matters. Here I am schlepping around the neighborhood in the cold (and I had a nasty cold too) and I thought how disheartening. Once my head cleared from my illness I realized that I have often felt powerless and that my voice did not matter with the city. I have felt like my neighbor and I wonder what has kept spurring me on?

About 10 years ago the master plan was amended to rezone the business district to allow for the height and density we now see. Hardly anyone paid attention or participated. Maybe because they didn't know about it. Maybe because they didn't care. Maybe because they didn't believe anything would change.

Trustees Present:  Teddy Anderson, Sally Baraclough, Amy Barry, Laurie Bray, Stacey Carroll, Tina Escobar-Taft, Lucy Hawes, Deb Henry, Topher Horman, Sue Ann Jones, Michael Kavanagh, Benny Keele, Steve Kirkegaard, Susan Koelliker, Joedy Lister, Larry Migliaccio, Maggie Shaw, Judi Short, Carole Straughn, Natalie Watkins, Bryce Williams
7:00 PM Welcome - Chair
Approve Minutes
Secretary Report
Treasurer Report
Chair Announcements
    Eric McGill new committee
   $60 annual donation
7:10 PM Community Announcements
Fire Department Station #3
Crime Report - Det Lowe
7:20 PM Public comments for items not on the agenda
7:25 PM East Bench Master Plan
Wayne Mills - SLC Planning
7:40 PM 900 E Rezone and Master Plan Amendment Petition
Cottonwood Residential
8:00 PM Google Fiber
Jeffrey Laidlaw
8:15 PM Motion from the Outreach Committee
Update of charter
8:20 PM Committee Updates
  Land Use & Zoning
  Parks, Open Space & Trails
  Arts & Culture
  Historic Signs
8:35 PM Spotlight on Business
Cameron Wellness Center
1945 S 1100 E Ste 100
Dr Todd Cameron, N.D.
8:45 PM City Updates
Lisa Adams - District 7
8:55 PM Library Updates
Dolly Rauh
9:00 PM Adjourn
[caption id="attachment_1196" align="alignleft" width="107"]Amy Barry Amy Barry[/caption] The holiday season has arrived. Whatever you enjoy celebrating I hope you find the festivities in Sugar House to be welcoming. The Sugar House Chamber has done a wonderful job of lighting both Monument and Sugarmont Plaza.  The Santa Shack is back for its 70th year of putting smiles on faces and building dreams of children. The SHCC with the wonderful donations provided throughout the year of supporters has placed a 15' tree at Monument Plaza to add to our spirit. We hope to bring back some of the holiday feeling from years christmaspast. Unfortunately we can't afford the large tree we see in the picture below, but we are excited to be a part of continuing traditions. This is a live tree and if you wish to donate to the tree fund we'll do it as many years as we can. Anyone can donate.

UPDATE: Lisa Adams informed the community council at the April 6th meeting that the petitioner for this project withdrew their proposal. This project is  no longer being considered.   On March 9, 2016 the planning commission voted unanimously to forward a negative recommendation to the city council on...

THIS BLIGHT IS COMING DOWN! Thanks to Mayor Biskupski and her team for listening to us very soon after taking office, the Community Development Director for researching the possibilities of action and helping us get to this point. The Housing Advisory and Appeals Board voted June...

7:00 PM Welcome - Chair Approve Minutes Secretary Report Treasurer Report Chair Announcements      Holiday tree expenditure      Stalled demolition petition 7:10 PM Community Announcements Fire Department Station #3 Crime Report - Det Lowe 7:25 PM Public comments for items not on the agenda 7:30 PM Music & Memory Project Ellie Goldberg - Jewish Family Service 7:40 PM Crosswalks Update Scott Vaterlaus - SLC...

[caption id="attachment_1196" align="alignleft" width="107"]Amy Barry Amy Barry[/caption] This newsletter begins my 2nd year serving as chair for the Sugar House Community Council. I am thankful for the opportunity given to me by the trustees to stick around for another year. I look forward to working with the new Executive Committee. The SHCC has been noticed of 2 important land use issues. I want to take a moment to remind my neighbors of the process.  The SHCC is not a decision making body for Salt Lake City. We are a community voice. The land use developments we will be presenting is our effort to collect your voices. We make recommendations to the developers, but they are under no obligation to modify their plans. ALL COMMENTS are included in the report we submit to the planning office and the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will make the final decision to grant the petitioners request. While we do our best to represent the voices we heard it is very important that people show up to the Planning Commission meeting. We won't know the exact date until December, but we'll keep everyone informed through the newsletter list, website and facebook.