Stealth Cell Tower Text Amendment

Stealth Cell Tower Text Amendment

Here is the letter from SHCC to the Planning Commission:  Letter to PC Stealth Cell Tower Text Amendment

Verizon Wireless has submitted a zoning text amendment request that would allow, by right, stealth antennas up to 60 feet in height in all zoning districts located within Salt Lake City.

Stealth Antennas are defined in the Salt Lake City Zoning Regulations as “completely disguised as another object, or otherwise concealed from view, thereby concealing the intended use and appearance of the facility.”

Examples of stealth facilities include, but are not limited to:

• flagpoles,

• light pole standards, or

• architectural elements such as dormers, steeples and chimneys.

As proposed, the stealth antenna house must:

• Conform to the dimensions of the object it is being disguised as.

• Be placed in a location that is in concert with its surroundings.

Corresponding electrical equipment must be located in accordance with subsection 21A.40.090.E.3 as already required by the zoning regulations.

This is a privately initiated, city-wide text amendment and would affect all properties within Salt Lake City.

Here are the details:

Stealth Cellular Towers – Recognized Organization Notice – PLNPCM2020-00284

Redacted Application

Stealth Cellular Towers Information Sheet 

Applicant-submitted Proposed Langage Amendment

Applicant-submitted Narrative and Supporting Documents

Please review this request and provide feedback to the Sugar House Community Council to go with their letter to the Planning Commission.  Note that “By Right” means they could put it most anywhere as specified in the Amendment, without public input.

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    Judi Short