Sight Distance Triangle Text Amendment

Sight Distance Triangle Text Amendment

Currently, the zoning ordinance requires fences, walls, and hedges be of limited height when located along the intersection of streets, the intersection of driveways and streets, and the intersection of driveways and sidewalks.  The regulation of fences, walls, and hedges and the use of clear vision zone areas defined by sight distance triangles are intended to increase vehicular and pedestrian safety.  Alleys that intersect sidewalks operate in a similar manner as driveways.  Additionally, the code is silent about other structures, including buildings, that may encroach into the sight distance triangle.  The Planning Division believes these zones should also be applied in the intersection of alleys and sidewalks and apply to other structures, including buildings.

This is the notice we received from the city.  We need to provide a response by April 1.  Here is the proposed language for the text amendment.

This will be on the SHCC LUZ meeting March 20 at 6 p.m.  Please give me your feedback on these changes using the form below:

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