SHCC Meeting Minutes – February 1993

SHCC Meeting Minutes – February 1993


February 3, 1993

PRESENT -Richard Lauritzen, Jerry Romero, Miriam Murphy, Mable Wilson, Rosalie Neville, Charles Wilson, Billie Campbell, Rawlins Young, Steve Lester, Judi Short, Mark Fetzer, Gary Thorup, Diana Hart, Anne Menzies, Marc and Cindy Holmes, Babs DeLay, Mary and David Hibdon, Coleen Menlove, Don and Shirley Hale, Afton Bradshaw, John Mannos, Afton Kyriopoulos, Jon Larrabee, Sid Baucom, Alice Edvalson, Ruth Jensen, Hope Hilton, Dorothy Tuddenham, Pam Grime, Brian Bintz, Dale Chalmers, Terry and Lisa Tucker, Ye Yi, Eugene Fortuna IRVING COMMONS-Students from Beacon Heights and Indian Hills Schools reported that they are planning a Carnival and Car Wash Fund Raiser for Irving in May. They want to raise $2500. They asked for help with money, letter writing, clean-up etc.  Judi Short made a MOTION that the Sugarhouse Community Council endorse these kids’ endeavor and give the first $100 toward their goal. Jerry Romero SECONDED THE MOTION. The Motion was AMENDED to say that the $100 would be given when a separate bank account for the collection of money’s raised for Irvings had been opened. The VOTE WAS UNANIMOUS. EASTLAND REGENCY COMPANY AT K-MART-Sid Baucom from the Country Club area said that Eastland Regency Cop. had met with the Board of Adjustments for a variance for structures to be built on the K-Mart parking lot area.  Eugene Fortuna said that these people want two additional office buildings built on the north of the present Regency Office Building. A 24,000 square foot shopping complex would be built in front of the office buildings with parking on top the buildings. There would be a 2 story restaurant (exceeding height limitation) built. The exits to K-Mart parking is hazardous as is. There would be an additional 1200 plus cars going in and out each day. This would create an unsafe situation for pedestrians and cars due to the small roadway exit on Parley’s and the rapid traffic on Foothill.  Rawlins Young said it would be dangerous because there is no pedestrian access.  Charles Wilson said the Parley’s Way and K-Mart exit is extremely dangerous because one cannot see what’s coming down the hill and cars exit almost parallel to the street. He is opposed to more building which would increase traffic.  Mark Holmes is opposed to the variance because of what it would do to land values and esthetics. Babs DeLay works in the area. She is worried that wild life will be killed if Chevron is going to expand. She says this would be a real traffic hazard because of the turn into the station off of a rapid moving entrance to 1-215. Don Hale said that more business would bring more revenue to the city. Steve Lester made the MOTION that the Sugarhouse Community Council request that the Salt Lake City Transportation Department, the Utah Department of Transportation and the Developer review the traffic and safety issues on Foothill and Parley’s Way at the K-Mart entrances and exits. Roger Miller seconded the motion.  Gary suggested that Tim Harpst and the developer be invited here in March. Also that a letter be sent to the Board of Adjustments suggesting that no variance be given the developer at this time.  The motion was passed UNANIMOUSLY. MINUTES– The minutes from December and January were accepted UNANIMOUSLY. LEGISLATURE UPDATE-Representative Bradshaw updated us. Dirk’s Field is going to need state, city, and county money. RDA Funds will include some for Dirk’s.Many cuts are being suggested for the budget. We are now down to trying to cut 1% on the budget of big items like education and health care . J on Larrabee represented Senator Steiner. The Senator was trying to get an okay for the Restaurant Hours Bill. This bill would allow restaurants to serve liquor at noon instead of 1:00 p.m. Private clubs can serve liquor at noon. This passed 20-8. He was also working on a Safe Storage of Firearms Bill. This would penalize people who stored a loaded firearm where minors could get it. This bill lost. Senator Steiner is also lobbying support for Dirk’s Field and the City Courts Complex in Salt Lake.PETERSON ART CENTER-Harold Peterson said the art center at Richmond and Zenith did not go because they couldn’t get the financing. The Interlake Thrift Building by the Spa looked like a good alternative site. Peterson would like to repaint the existing sign to save money. It would ordinarily require a variance. He said he needed the approval of his project by the Sugar House Community Council.  Miriam Murphy MOVED that we endorse this project to repaint the sign as long as it is safe. Afton Kyropoulous SECONDED. The motion passed UNANIMOUSLY. UPDATE ON TRAFFIC ISSUE-Jerry Romero said that Del Brewster and he came up a Traffic Committee for Hollywood etc. The individuals suggested are Kara Hendrickson, Ruth Jensen, and Barbara Figel. The business representatives would be from Celestial Drapes, Barrus Piano and Steven Richards.  Steve Lester’s MOTION suggested that Sugar House Community Council ratify the formation of this traffic sub-committee and requested a monthly update and report to us. Afton Kyropoulous SECONDED. The vote was UNANIMOUS. RECYCLING.- Lynne Olson said that 1700 calls have already been received for this program. It will be implemented April 1. They need 1800 households to participate. It will cost about $4.70 per household.DATES-March 17 at 5:30 p.m. is a reception with the Mayor in the City Council Chambers. All Community Council Members are invited. SNOW REMOVAL-Gary said we made available 10 snow removal tools for Sugar House residents through Ann Menzies and the library. The library staff kept them in repair and loaned them out. Hope, Gary, Steve, Ann and others helped answer phone calls and shoveled. The Executive Committee wants to thank the library for their support.  Hope made the MOTION that the Sugar House Community Council recognize the library for its help with the snow removal project by reimbursing the library them for lost tools and by donating money to the Sprague Branch Development Fund. Steve Lester seconded. An addition to the motion was made that we write letters of thanks to Ann Menzies and staff, Hope Hilton, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy, Steve Lester. This motion passed. LIBRARY-Ann Menzies said there are tax forms at the library and AARP tax assistance for the elderly. She also thanked us for the donation. HOPE announced that Diana Smoot thanked us for the plant. WELLHEAD SURVEY UPDATE-Rawlins said we need help putting materials in address order an surveying the Graystone area. Highland Stake will survey one area. CITY COUNCIL-Don Hale said Kent Mitchie was put on the Board of Education to replace Alan Meacham. Larry Miller will be the project manager of Dirk’s Field .. Roger moved we adjourn. Steve Lester will Chair next meeting and Miriam Murphy will take minutes.