SH LUZ Report 2018 April

SH LUZ Report 2018 April

The Land Use and Zoning Committee met March 19.  We discussed the request for achange to the Maximum Area per Sign Face for flat signs in Open Space Districts to be as large as 200 square feet.  Currently, a 60 square foot sign is allowed.

Crystal Avenue Alley Vacation at approximately 1249 E Crystal Ave and 2623 S Highland Dr. will be on the Planning Commission agenda for April 11.  You can find the PC staff report here on the afternoon of April 6 .

The next Land Use and Zoning Committee will be April 16 in The Legacy Fairmont Room 1212 Wilmington Avenue at 6 p.m.  So far, all we have on the agenda is a discussion of a Text Amendment for Lot Width Standards in Multi-Family Residential Zoning Districts.  I am hoping to have a more detailed map of our area by then so we can see what parcels are affected.