Off Street Parking Text Amendments

Off Street Parking Text Amendments

This is a big update of the SLC regulations for off-street parking, including minimum and maximum number of stalls required/allowed; permitted alternatives to off-street parking requirement; and parking lot design, access and dimensional standards.  The City Council will have its first briefing on Tuesday, February 8 at its afternoon work session, sometime between 2 and 5 p.m.

Read this carefully, for residential parcels, they have pretty  much done away with any requirement to park a car on a parcel, instead allowing it to be parked on the street.  Here is a link to the current version:

This is to encourage infill development and redevelopment, to be simpler and more user-friendly, modernize to reflect best-practices and current market trends for parking. and implement “context-based” parking.

Here is the  Planning Commission staff report, which will be updated for City Council review.  I’ve put a comment form below, so you can provide comments which I will send the City Council.  You are also free to separately lobby council members.  If you fill out a comment form, I will let you know when this comes up for discussion. 2020 OffStreetParkingTextAmendments

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