IZZY SOUTH – 542 East 2100 South (Final Plans)

IZZY SOUTH – 542 East 2100 South (Final Plans)


Ryan McMillan has applied for Design Review for a proposed mixed-use multi-family building at 542 East 2100 South.  The building will include 71 units and some commercial space.  The applicant has requested additional building height to accommodate architectural features as part of this application.  There will be a mirrored version of this building on the north side of 2100 South.  This will be a mix of town-homes, studio and one bedroom apartments, with a three-story neighborhood restaurant/coffee shop on the west end. This will be a wood framed structure with a concrete podium over the on-grade parking garage.  Varying roof forms, heights, and depths of the building along both 2100 South and the adjacent neighborhood break down the scale.  The building systems will be all electric, with water heaters, unit heaters and unit cooling systems all tied to electrical main-frame to produce a reduced carbon footprint.  A solar panel array may go on the roof.

There will be 71 units – 40 studio apartments, 21 1 Bedroom Apartments and 10 2 bedroom townhomes.  There will be one curb cut on 2100 South. Zoning allows for a 30′ high building they are asking for 33 feet to the top of the parapet, and have held the building back from the neighborhood a total of 20′ (instead of the 10′ required) to account for this increased height request.  The additional ceiling height will allow the units to have healthier living spaces with more natural light.

The notification letter to the community council letter can be found here:

This is a map of the neighborhood vicinity.

Here are the final drawings for the project.

An article in Building Salt Lake can be found here.

This will be reviewed at a Sugar House Land Use and Zoning Committee Zoom meeting in the future.  If you wish to be notified of that meeting, please send a comment using the form below.  All comments will go with our letter to the Planning Commission. (NOTE: we did review a preview of this project in May at LUZ, these are now the final plans.)








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