The following major zoning changes are potentially going to be adopted by the City Council before the end of the year.  You can attend and speak at the following public hearings, some you can still comment on Open City Hall, you can attend the City Council where these may formally b adopted, and you can send them comments to  (all these dates are subject to change, but we know not much will happen in December, so all will be probably adopted by the end of November.)

Jolley Pharmacy applied to put solar panels on their roof, and I gave verbal approval to the city.
1249 East Crystal Avenue filed a petition to request an alley vacation.  We put flyers out in the neighborhood and had neighbors come to our June LUZ meeting or send me an email.  We got quite a number of responses, everyone was in favor of this closing.  I sent a favorable response to the city. However, we have learned that because this alley abuts another alley, all the neighbors adjacent to either alley must agree.  The city will handle that process.

Salt Lake City Corporation has pulled the proposed Homeless Resource Center at 653 Simpson Avenue from its list of future sites.  There is much relief about that.  At our SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting February 13, we talked at length about the conditions that should be placed on such a use, as part of the city’s request for approving this as a “conditional use”.  Many in the community provided very good comments, and those will be forwarded to the city shortly, along with my letter highlighting what I see as the biggest issues.  We still need to do this, because this will be part of a city wide ordinance, we want these to function well in our city, no matter where they are built.

At the December 9 meeting of the Land Use and Zoning Committee, we reviewed the 21 and 21 Small Area Plan.  Those in attendance were Anthony Wright Travis Hopkins, Will Kocher, Susan Koelliker, Josalyn Bates, George Chapman, Lucy Haws, Sue Ann Jones, Sheila O’Driscoll, Milton Brazelton, Patsy McNamara, Soren Simonson, Joedy Lister, Judi Short, Lynn Schwarz, Sally Barraclough, Lisa Adams, Jason Smurthwaite, John Anderson.