Committee Reports

Salt Lake City Corporation has pulled the proposed Homeless Resource Center at 653 Simpson Avenue from its list of future sites.  There is much relief about that.  At our SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting February 13, we talked at length about the conditions that should be placed on such a use, as part of the city’s request for approving this as a “conditional use”.  Many in the community provided very good comments, and those will be forwarded to the city shortly, along with my letter highlighting what I see as the biggest issues.  We still need to do this, because this will be part of a city wide ordinance, we want these to function well in our city, no matter where they are built.

At the December 9 meeting of the Land Use and Zoning Committee, we reviewed the 21 and 21 Small Area Plan.  Those in attendance were Anthony Wright Travis Hopkins, Will Kocher, Susan Koelliker, Josalyn Bates, George Chapman, Lucy Haws, Sue Ann Jones, Sheila O’Driscoll, Milton Brazelton, Patsy McNamara, Soren Simonson, Joedy Lister, Judi Short, Lynn Schwarz, Sally Barraclough, Lisa Adams, Jason Smurthwaite, John Anderson.

Dixon Building - The building was approved by the Planning Commission October 12 with conditions as to the design of the first floor along  the north and east sides. Amy and I met with the architects November 23 and we think they are moving in the right direction to get it to a more pedestrian friendly scale along those two sides.  They submitted a drawing to planning to meet their deadline, but will have a much more final drawing available before the December 14 Planning Commission meeting. Tenants still in the Highland Plaza Building won’t be out until January 30. We expect construction will begin in February or March.

On October 12, the Planning Commission approved the Dixon Medical Office Building, with conditions.The final design of ground floor details must be approved by the Planning Commission at a later date. At the bottom you will find the official Record of Decision Letter for this project. The Planning Commission also approved the Marriott Springhill Suites Hotel. The official Record of Decision letter for this project is below.

On September 14 the Boulder Ventures Project at 2189 S McClelland was reheard by the Planning Commission due to a noticing issue.  The decision was still approval, with the addition of a condition for additional signage to make sure people can get through the block and are aware that it is public open space between the buildings.
The conditions of approval are: