ADU 2579 S Park Street

The applicant is requesting a Conditional Use to construct an Accessory Dwelling Unit at the 2579 S Park Street.  The ADU is proposed to be detached from the house and will be located at the rear yard. The ADU will be 432 square feet, include one-bedroom and be 11 feet in height.  A single-family house is currently on the subject property.  One parking space is provided on-site for the ADU.  Here are the plans:

Early Notification Letter (1)  

Notice Letter to Recognized Organizations

Accessory Dwelling Unit Handbook

The Land Use and Zoning committee of SHCC will hold a virtual meeting on April 20 at 6 p.m.  We may discuss this item, depending on whether we get any comments about the project.  In any event, your comments will go to the Planning Commission along with our letter.  Please fill out the form below.




Judi Short