2960 Richmond Street

2960 Richmond Street

Community Development Corporation of Utah, is requesting a Zoning Map Amendment  for the parcels at 2960, 2964, and 2970 Richmond Street, from R-1/7000 Single Family Residential, to R-MU-45 Residential Mixed Use.  This would allow for approximately 60 mixed income housing units.The applicant argues that much of the surrounding development is moving towards higher density and this project is compatible with that growth and would help reach the housing goals of Salt lake City.  With all the new apartments in Sugar House, less than 100 are considered affordable.  This would help with that.

Please read through the documents here to understand this project.If the rezone is approved, we may or may not see the actual building design for approval, depending on whether the project fits the zoning code or needs some variances.

2960 Richmond Early Notification

206- Richmond Email to Sugarhouse CC – Formal Notice of Petition for ADU

2960 Richmond Applicant Submittal

The Land Use and Zoning Committee of the SHCC will hold a virtual meeting on April 20 at 6 p.m.  This project may be discussed, depending on the feedback we get from you.  We have 7 new projects this month. In any event, your comments will go to the Planning Commission along with our letter.  Please fill out the form below.

Judi Short