1583 Stratford Ave

1583 Stratford Ave

Action by the Planning Commission March 24, 2021.: Recommendation of denial was forwarded to the City Council

ANOTHER UPDATE: This is before the Planning Commission Wednesday March 24 at 5:30. Here is the staff report, which recommends denialHere are instructions for WEBEX and the agenda for that meeting.  Everyone who provided a comment will receive these instructions via email.

UPDATE:  Second Letter from SHCC to Planning Commission for March 24, 2021 hearing.

UPDATE:  Letter from SHCC to Planning Commission

We have a request for a Master Plan and Zoning Map Amendment for this parcel. The proposal would rezone the entire property from RMF-35 (Moderate Density Multi-Family Residential) to CN (Neighborhood Commercial) and amend the Sugar House Future Land Use Map from Medium Density Residential to Neighborhood Business. The proposed amendments to the Master Plan Future Land Use Map and Zoning Map is intended to accommodate a rehabilitation of the existing building to facilitate an office use on the site.

Here is what is proposed:

1583 Stratford Recognized Organization Notice

1583 Stratford Master Plan Amendment Attachment(106139586.2) (1)

1583 Stratford Zoning Amendment Attachment(106139585.2) (1)

This proposal is on the Salt Lake City Planning Commission March 24 at 5:30.  If you provide a comment about this project on the form below, we will send you a link to the meeting.  Comments will be attached to our second letter to the Planning Commission.  This will need to be approved by both the Planning Commission and SL City Council.

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    Judi Short